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Manjula Dube

Data Structures and Algorithms with Manjula ❤️

data-structures, algorithms1 min read

Data Strutures and Algorithms is not that difficult to learn once you undertsand them in a right way. I am starting to blog while I learn each concept. Often there are questions Do we actually apply these data structures while day to day work in your company. And the answer is YES!!.

You apply it unknowingly for example if you are working with HTML, it actually has a tree data structure. It is quite a misconception that data structure and algorithm that we learn in our courses or in competitive coding are of no use in a software development job.

Actually, It just depends on how you want to solve your problem. If you want to get it done just for the sake of getting it done, then yes high-level tools are always there. But, If you are working on a specific tool that does the work for you, then you might not be aware of what is happening on the background, if you go deeper then you’ll find out that the tools also the same Data Structures and Algorithms to solve the problem which makes it look so easy to you. If you wish to join me along my learnings join me or reach out to me incase of any questions

NumberTitleBest Time ComplexityWorst Time ComplexityBest Search ComplexityWorst Search Complexity
1Binary SearchO(1)O(log n)NANA
2Hash Tables in JavascriptNANA0(1)0(N)
3Binary Search Tree(Coming Soon)
4Sorting Algorithms (Coming Soon)