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Manjula Dube

Don’t let the community drive away the force & enthusiam in YOU:)

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Creating Inclusive Tech Communities

I’ve been organising events in my spare time for over 2 years now. I am organizer of Mumbai Women Coders with few other talented organizers (Dipti Gandhi, Arwa Lokhandwala) . Later got connected to few other community in Mumbai. At first, I didn’t understand why I would want to make my events appeal to more people, I already had a steady stream of attendees. As time went on inclusivity climbed higher and higher up my list of priorities as I realised its importance. You will always find people opposing you against you even when things are in place. Learn to face them because tons of people in the community still appreciate you and value your work.

Lessons learned

The world is full of lots of different people in the community and it would be a shame if they don’t attend your event or interact with your community for reasons you can easily fix. If the leaders can’t fix it. Its simple just walk and move on.

Be vocal when things go wrong around you. No matter what, your talent and work will always speak for yourself. Be humble & calm.

You’ve probably heard of high-tech cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. In those cities the tech industry is super innovative. Everywhere you look new startups are growing and expanding, right along with the tech meet ups and conferences that are part of the business. Communities are doing great in all of these cities. Trying to do the same in the financial capital city like Mumbai, it was not an easy one(Ups and Downs). But Remember “With great power comes the great responsibility”. Community is more of making it play ground with positive vibes around you, helping each other & communities around and driving the force in each one of us. Its more like getting more and more people involved and let them take up responsibility.

But if you cannot see that happening raise your voice, If that still bothers you. Let it go. Let the power take over your work & knowledge. Mind you power will not sustain for longer time, but our knowledge and good work in the community will always sustain. People will always remember it. Spread the word and utilise your learnings & knowledge else where. But make sure you are vocal about the wrong ones.

Last thought

Be an individual who is vocal when things go wrong. Sail the boat even when you alone because you know you are right and will reach at the right place sooner or later with amazing people around you. Let the bad ones play politics as usual. Just stay calm and move on. The only difference they drive the community with their power, we drive it with our work & contributions.


Trees only with the strong roots laughs in the storm :)